A Blue Shadow Is Following Me

These days, the smell of past is haunting me. Mostly, the bad ones.

Nightmares were lining up each night.

I went through my old paintings, maybe I could find something there.

A bad memory, unresolved problems, or stories without disclosure.

And I found this one from 2014.

That year was nothing meaningful for me, at least I thought so. But actually, it was a transition for bigger era in my life.

I’m dealing with anxiety back and forth, officially since 2017. But in 2019, the rainbows started to show up after my storm, and I was so proud, how stable my mental health is.

Until recently, it’s not. Though everything is totally manageable, I’m so curious… what hit my -so-steady-happy-good-looking-positive mental health state of mine. And as always, the more you think, the more it adds anxiety.

Back to this painting, I decided to recolor it. To do whatever pleased me. And I did, this…

I saw it… a blue shadow is following me.

Maybe… it’s the past.

Or maybe… just… something. And I’ll try to let it fade away, someday… somehow.

I did what I could, today. And that’s enough.



In A Woman’s Body

After a while in #stayathome mode, yesterday I had a photo session. Finally!

It was so uplanned, and it was very short yet fun. It’s a luxury to meet another people during this Corona-time.

And I combined the result with my drawings. More fun added!

I hope you can enjoy it as much I do.

mother earth collage 1.jpg




Portrait of The Self

It’s almost half of 2020.

Rain comes and goes, without new memories made.

I cover myself with clouds, and trying to catch some birds. I want them to sing for me.

Only for me.

It’s almost half of 2020,

but it doesn’t feel like it.

I’m still the same person, with the same portrait.

lisa cloudy illustrated-1.jpg



Let’s Paint The Day

People talking about how bored they are. Everything is about #StayAtHome.

Well… me too.

Everyday now, I wake up and thinking so hard: What to do, today.

And I miss my man, so much.

Last winter, I went to Timisoara, Romania. I love houses and colorful buildings. One building caught my attention, until now. It’s pastel, and lovely._LSP2106-1 copy.jpg

I decided to create something from it.

_LSP4785-1.jpgrumah spidol edited.jpg

rumah inspirasi romania.jpg

Playing with my inner child and colors definitely is the best therapy I can do on these days.


The world is such a colorful place. And we can paint the day. Ah, don’t forget… add the flavour with a homemade cappuccino.


Let’s paint the day, together… you and me.



Summer Inside My Head

I  was curiously waiting for this summer. When everything will be covered with the songs from the bees, and I will walk with my short pants.

But it’s still the early of April, and most of all… the beginning of everything that went bad already.

I’m preparing summer inside my head.

The Mother of my man sent me a videos full of drawings and flowers. It’s a start, I guess.

Sketches, cups of teas and coffees, with ginger and cinnamon. Time spoils me, Corona spoils me.

I guess… now I can start the summer inside my head.inspiration 7 apr 20.jpg

summer inside my head-1.jpg

I Feel So Alice

A cup of tea in the morning, and a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

It’s Sunday, after all.

I feel so Alice, and decided to make my own Wonderland. A Bunny now sits on my mind, and we start to make the story of our own. We made a lot of teacups and flowers from the dream world.

It doesn’t matter if we need to #stayathome. We can feel so Alice and make our own Wonderland.

tea cup 5 apr20.jpg

bunny tea 5 apr 20.jpg

Happy Sunday.